A facade rehabilitation in Sant Cugat


A facade rehabilitation in Sant Cugat

In Maheco, a specialized team is exclusively dedicated to working on building renovations, which mainly include actions on facades and in common areas. Most of the renovations that we carry out are projects of short duration and scope, and most are in the city of Barcelona, ​​but today we present a rehabilitation that is out of the norm: quite a large project in Sant Cugat, specifically on Sant Martí street at Sant Magí street. The project has consisted of correcting the deficiencies of the main facades of the building, which presented detachments in its mortar finish and some cracks, replacing the current granulite cladding with an acrylic mortar finish. And it has been used to improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of the building by placing an exterior insulation system (SATE). This project was structured in two phases: from September to November, the rehabilitation of the Sant Magí façade was carried out, and from December to February, it was the turn of the Sant Martí façade. It has been possible thanks to the work of David Ayala as project manager, Ali El-garra as foreman and the entire rehabilitation team. The project has been designed by the architect Juan Antonio Tur Moreno.

This is how the facade looked before the rehabilitation: 

Some images during the rehabilitation: 

And the final result of the rehabilitation: 

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