We are reforming a unique single-family house in Barcelona


We are reforming a unique single-family house in Barcelona

For a few months we have been working on the reform project of a detached house and construction of a swimming pool in the Guinardó area (Barcelona). This house has a ground floor, first floor and basement, and is surrounded by a garden around the perimeter.

It is a unique building because it is part of the Can Baró Houses of Journalists, a group of city-garden houses from the early 20th century and is listed as a Property of Urban Interest. This means that the volumes, the original interior ornamental elements and the fences and perimeter walls, among others, are protected.

The reform aims to adapt a single-family converted for years into a restaurant, so that it can go back to be a family home. This implies internally redistributing the spaces.

Regarding the exterior spaces, we are restoring the stone finishes, bricks, doors and bars and we are building a swimming pool and a porch.

The project has been designed by the architects Robert Aparicio, Roger Jornet and Sílvia Ollé, from the Ar47 studio, and is led by José Antonio Hernández as project manager and Abdelrahim Aatar as foreman.

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