We begin the works in the Besos Market!


We begin the works in the Besos Market!

This project aims to condition the new accesses to the market, as well as the reform of the logistics area, which adapts to the new routes, the completion of the new warehouses on the ground floor and the comprehensive refurbishment of the roof.

The action includes the construction of a new access ramp from Carrer Jaume Huguet to the covered parking lot as well as a new access for people to the market from Carrer Cristóbal de Moura.

The logistics area is reformed given that there is no longer the need for a freight elevator and service routes are improved. This restructuring allows, at the same time, to enable independent access to the market on the first floor from the entrance hall. It is also used to make a new roof, to solve the problems of leaks, and to make it suitable for parking. This project has a budget of €1,830,386.48.

The project began on January 29, 2021 and is scheduled to finish on January 28, 2022. The project has been designed by the architect Sergi Serra Casals and it is led by Àlex Martín as project manager and Antonio Peña as foreman.

On March 17, a report was published for Btv interviewing the director of technical services of the IMMB, Joan Manuel Llopis. In the following link you will find the news:

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