We start the masia Can Xammar project!


We start the masia Can Xammar project!

Since last April we have been working on the execution of the interior reform of the Can Xammar farmhouse in l'Ametlla del Vallès for the adaptation of a youth facility as a summer camp house.The farmhouse has a rectangular floor plan formed by three bays in a longitudinal direction, with a ground floor, a mezzanine floor, a first floor and a second floor. The roof is hipped, made of Arabic tile. The interior of the building is imposing, highlighting its entrance and the chapel (old winery).The program is public residential as a summer camp house, with bedrooms, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, meeting rooms and chapel.

The interventions to be carried out on the existing structure are:
- Construction of a new emergency ladder within a box of existing walls, with total demolition of the existing floors up to the first floor and construction of a set of stairs and landings of a solid concrete slab floor.
- Opening of a shaft to install an elevator with construction of load-bearing walls and cutting of existing floors, and construction of the elevator shaft.
- Demolition and reconstruction of staircase from ground floor to mezzanine floor of solid concrete slab.
- Lowering of the ground floor ceiling to eliminate masonry walls to open a dining space with a metal lintel.
- Lowering with a metal lintel supported on concrete blocks, on the first floor ceiling to open the existing stairway lobby.
- Fire protection of wooden joist floors with fireproof varnish.

The project has been designed by the architect Núria Marcet Boada and is it led by Pere Farín as project manager and Paco Gómez as foreman.

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