Reform and extension of a house in Barberà


Reform and extension of a house in Barberà

We have started working on the refurbishment and extension of a detached house in Barberà del Vallès.

This reform and extension consists of the remodeling of the interior of the house, changing and expanding the distribution thus taking advantage of each space.

This project includes a series of works such as the demolition of the walls and ceilings, the foundation, slab and partition walls, the laying of the parquet flooring, the facade, the interior finishes, the installations, the assembly of the kitchen furniture, gardening…

The wooden deck is currently being placed and work is being done on the exterior of the house.

We really want to see how this project evolves!

The project is by the architect Robert Aparicio and is led by Rosa Castillo as the foreman and Cándido as the manager.

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