Refurbishment of a Caritas local


Refurbishment of a Caritas local

We present the final result of the project we have been working on, a refurbishment of a Caritas local of Badalona.

In this refurbishment we have chanched both, the interior of the local and the annexe building.

This refurbishment has involved a series of works such as:

- Demolition of existing elements not compatible with the new construction
- Cencellation of existing water, electricity and air-conditioning installations
- Demolition and replacement of pavement and eartheorks necessary for the passage of facilities
- Installation of lighting, ventilation, electricity and telephony
- Furniture fittest

The project was designed by Jordi Fernández Muñoz of Despatx d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme SLP and it has been lead by Pere Farin as head of construction.

At the new of the architecture studio you can also check for information about the refurbishment.

We're so happy to have been part of this project. We hope this refurbishment can probide a better service to the users!

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