Maheco and his work in rehabilitation


Maheco and his work in rehabilitation

Did you know that in Maheco we also work in rehabilitation?

In this area, we specialize in the restoration and rehabilitation of listed buildings with historical heritage or architectural interest, whether they are farmhouses, solar houses, rural complexes or historic buildings.

We know the most common construction systems and pathologies of these buildings and we know how to restore them, either in their original use or to other public, hotel uses... We do so in the most careful and responsible way, and thanks to this, the public administration has relied on us on several occasions.

We also specialize in working for homeowner communities with the goal of maintaining, conserving and improving buildings, so that they last over time. Currently, we are working on the repair of a facade of a building in Cerdanyola del Vallès. In this project, we are repairing and painting the balconies of the houses, to improve both the aesthetics and the durability of the facade. 

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