Architectural styles in the houses


Architectural styles in the houses

Today we present some of the architectural styles that you can use for your dream apartment.

First, let's talk about the modern style. It is known for its simplicity, funcitionality and technology. It uses straight lines and simple geometry, integrates the environment, is functional and efficient, and has a more minimalist aesthetic.

Secondly, the style of the second house is rustic. It has a more traditional appearance, where natural materials are used, handcrafted details, warm and natural colors, furniture and traditional decoration, and integrated with the natural environment.

Thirdly, the house is designed with an industrial architectural style. It is characterized because it seeks to create an urban and modern environment, which is inspired by the aesthetics of old industrial spaces. The decorative elements that characterize it are exposed structures, that raw materials, large windows and vintage details.

Fourth, we see a house with a Mediterranean style. Elements that evoke life in sunny climates predominate. They usually include terraces and patios, tiled roofs, warm colors, windows and doors made of wood or imitating it and use of natural materials.

What style would you choosse?

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