We are renovating the Vedruna Vall School in Terrassa


We are renovating the Vedruna Vall School in Terrassa

The Vedruna Private Educational Foundation of Barcelona has assigned us to renovate the Vedruna Vall Terrassa school, located on Carrer del Vall, 21 in Terrassa. The project began on June 27th and will end on September 4, and is led by Alberto Camenforte as supervisor and Antonio Peña as foreman. The project was designed by the architects Antoni and Santi Casas, from the Casas i Florenza Arquitectes Associats studio.

The project of reform consists of a modification of the core of stairs of the primary education zone to adapt it as an alternative exit in case of emergency. This action also involves a new distribution of the toilets that serve the classrooms.

The execution of the project is following these phases:

1st phase. Dismantling of the existing elements such as furniture, as well as equipment, sanitary and other parts, previous cancelation of existing facilities, to then tear down the interior partitions, slabs and stairway slab.

2nd phase. Placement of the new metal structure, and subsequent execution of the slabs and stairway slab.

3rd phase. Execution of the new distribution with plasterboard partitions and the subsequent placement of the pavement finish.

4th phase. Execution of the installations and placement of the false ceiling.

5th phase. Execution of finishes, placement of new interior carpentry, sanitary appliances and furniture.

As of today, we are carrying out the 3rd phase.

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