About Maheco


And we are capable of building or refurbishing your home, your children nursery school, the playground where they play, the library where they study or the football court where they have fun playing with a ball. Maybe the store where you went shopping last week was refurbished by us.

Do you remember that hotel on the coast where you spent some great holidays? We built it.

We build everything around you.

Build. This is our job. We are devoted to it since 1987.

And we devote all our effort to make you feel well. We are committed to quality in our work at a competitive price. We are innovative, both in the way we built and the materials we use. We are close to you, we listen to you and we carry out your idea, your dream in the timeframe you require.

Your satisfaction is our objective.

Our team is made up of women and men. Professionals who work hard every day with the eagerness to get things right. Your satisfaction is our objective. We believe in continuous education. The world is changing and we change, we transform ourselves day to day so that you favorite corner becomes unique.

Certificates and company policies

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