The new image of the Juvé & Camps facilities

The Juvé & Camps building in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia where we have been working since last September already has a new entrance hall, reception and store. Previously it only had industrial activity and now it combines this activity with the commercial one. The intervention...

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Next development of 18 apartments in Cerdanyola

This development of 18 apartments is located on C. Sant Vicenç, 15-17 in Cerdanyola del Vallès, within a 9-minute walk from the Town Hall and 10-minute walk from the Renfe Station.

The building will have a basement with parking ...

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El Til·ler School, cover of ON Diseño magazine

The expansion project of the Waldorf-Steiner El Til·ler school in Bellaterra, which we carried out in 2018, has been the cover of the latest issue of the architecture magazine ON Diseño. In addition, it has also been selected by AV Arquitectura Viva magazine as one of the 25 best proje...

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Next development of 10 terraced houses in Arenys de Mar

This development of 10 terraced houses is located on C. Can Nadal, at C. d’Auterive, in the center of Arenys de Mar, within a 4-minutes walk from the Riera and 13 minutes from the beach.

The commercialization...

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Change of use from commercial premises to an apartment in Barcelona

Barcelona is trendy and the demand for housing in the city has increased in recent years. At the same time, many traditional businesses close due to falling sales or rising rents. This leads some owners to consider converting commercial premises into homes, because they know that it will be easier t...

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We have transformed commercial premises into three apartments in Terrassa

Over the last few days we have completed the project of change of use and segregation of premises into 3 apartments on Plaça del Dr. Cadevall at Carrer Vall in Terrassa. We have converted some 220m2 premises on the first floor of the building into 3 apartments with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, din...

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A facade rehabilitation in Sant Cugat

In Maheco, a specialized team is exclusively dedicated to working on building renovations, which mainly include actions on facades and in common areas. Most of the renovations that we carry out are projects of short duration and scope, and most are in the city of Barcelona, ​​but today we presen...

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We are building a hotel in Girona

Last November we started the project of the Best Price Hotel on Avenida Álvarez de Castro in Girona. The project consists of the integral reform of an existing ground floor + 3 floors building to convert it into a 52-room hotel, in a total of 1712m2. The project is expected to last 9 months a...

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The before and after of a reform in Gavà

Recently we have completed the comprehensive reform of an apartment in Gavà. The task entrusted to us was the reform of a 85-m2 apartment of the 70s. The owners wanted to renew the appearance of the apartment without touching too much the distributions, so the work has consisted of modificati...

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The conversion of a boutique to an impressive beauty salon in Barcelona

On Tenor Viñas Street, 8 in Barcelona, ​​where there used to be a clothing boutique, it is now located the spacious Anara by Ana Lérida beauty salon, a modern and sober space at the same time, and very functional. It has 18 hairdressing, ...

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This is how the development in Rubí advances

The development on C. Carrasco Formiguera in Rubí that we presented last August in this article is progressing at a good pace - the structure has been completed and now we are in the closing phase. This building will have 5 a...

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We complete the integral reform of a terrace house in Sant Cugat

Last December we completed the comprehensive reform of a terrace house of high standing in Sant Cugat del Vallès. The project has included a long list of tasks: change of roof, air conditioning system for underfloor heating and air conditioning ducts and fancoils, installation of a lift, inst...

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The 7-apartment building on C/ Àliga in Cerdanyola, finished

As we advanced a few weeks ago in this article, we completed the development of 7 apartments on C/ Àliga in Cerdanyola del Vallès in November and the result is unbeatable. These apartments...

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The before and after of a refurbishment in Cerdanyola del Vallès

A few days ago, we completed a comprehensive reform of a 90m2 apartment on Passeig Cordelles in Cerdanyola del Vallès. The distribution has been preserved and new installations and renovation of all finishes have been made: new kitchen and bathrooms, new white carpentry eliminating the closur...

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We begin the construction of a building in Sant Cugat

Recently we have started the construction of a multi-family building with 4 apartments, a commercial space and parking spaces in Sant Cugat del Vallés. The building will consist of basement, ground floor, first floor and second floor. It will also have a rooftop and garden access areas. The a...

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The development on C/ Àliga in Cerdanyola del Vallès, in the final phase

This development of 7 homes, located on C/ Àliga, 56 in Cerdanyola, a privileged area, well connected and overlooking Collserola, is already in the phase of finishes and is scheduled to be completed in November. It consists of a 1-bedroom apartment on the ground floor and six 3-bedroom apartm...

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We have finished the project of renovation and extension on carrer Girona in Barcelona

A few days ago, we completed this project of renovation and extension and now this building has completely renovated apartments, but it maintains the original style on the facade and staircase. The large glazed windows provide plenty of light and this added to the white colour of walls, doors and fu...

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The American School of Barcelona has started the school year with renovated facilities

This summer we have carried out the 2nd phase of the interior renovation of the main building of the American School of Barcelona. We have acted on 1532m2 distributed across 4 floors. The reform has consisted of demolishing interior partitions, making new interior distribution with the adaptation of...

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Before and after of a comprehensive reform in Sitges

This 125m2 duplex that we have renovated has nothing to do with what it used to be, you just need to see the images of the before and after. The result has been the product of the following tasks: modification of the ground floor with the redistribution of bathroom, kitchen and living room to expand...

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We have completed the urbanization of the C/ Jaume Balmes in Esplugues de Llobregat

The school year is about to begin, and the American School of Barcelona is ready to receive students from a newly urbanized Jaume Balmes Street. Throughout this summer we have milled the existing asphalt and demolished the entire sidewalk, we have made a new street layout to make a parking and stop ...

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Next development of 5 apartments in Rubí

This development of 5 apartments is located on C. Carrasco Formiguera, 38 in Rubí, in the northern zone, a residential area, elevated, overlooking the east of Rubí and a wide area of ​​land up to Montserrat. It is within a 3-minute walk from the Rubí Primary Care Center and ...

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Completed the adaptation of the E2O in Sant Andreu

This week we have finished the adaptation project for the new E2O centre (School of 2nd Opportunities) in the Sant Andreu district, in Barcelona. This space, which used to be a Primary Health Care Centre, is now a newly created educational equipment that Read more


The construction of a multi-family building in Terrassa

We are working on the construction of the Casasayas Building, a building with 12 apartments and 15 parking spaces on C/ Canonge Rodó, 13-19 in Terrassa. It has a constructed area of ​​1813 m2, distributed across 5 floors (basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor and undercover). ...

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We are working at the American School of Barcelona

This summer we are once again using the school summer holidays to do some construction work at the American School in Barcelona. There we are carrying out two projects: the reform of the main building (phase 2) and the improvement and urbanization of C. Jaume Balmes. In this second phase of the refo...

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We have finished the repair of a wall in Esplugues de Llobregat

The interior area of ​​a few blocks of apartments that are in the block formed by the streets Montsec, Moncada, Sant Antoni Maria Claret and Francesc Layret, the municipality of Esplugues de Llobregat, was in poor condition and we have carried out the project of repair of the existing wall. This...

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The building on C/ Circumval·lació Baixa in Cerdanyola is already finished

Last week we declared finished and we started to deliver the apartments of the building on C/ Circumval·lació Baixa, 25 in Cerdanyola. We really like the result and, from what they tell us, the new owners too! These apartments have motorized blinds that can be raised and lowered at the...

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We have completed the second phase of the Vedruna school in Vic

Last summer we finished building a new building for the Vedruna L'Escorial school in Vic (on C/Sant Segimon, 12), with high school classrooms, laboratories and a technology classroom. Throughout this sc...

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We have completed a comprehensive facade rehabilitation in the Eixample district of Barcelona

At the corner of C/ Còrsega and C/ Entença, very close to Avinguda Josep Tarradellas, we have just completed an integral rehabilitation of the main façade of a building composed by ground floor + 6 + rooftop. Being on a corner of the Eixample, this 1439m2 facade has 3 elevations...

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We finish the development of Rambla Montserrat

We are doing the last retouches to the development of 4 apartments on Rambla Montserrat, 31 in Cerdanyola del Vallés and the apartments already offer a fantastic look. The kitchen and bathrooms have a modern and elegant design and the finishes are of high quality. Also, it is an energy ...

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We reform a house in Vacarisses with energy efficiency criteria

We have completed a comprehensive housing reform of 90m2 in Vacarisses. This project has entailed works of: substitution of facilities, interior carpentry, kitchen and bathroom tiling and furniture, ceramic and laminate flooring, and at the energy efficiency level a passive system has been made to s...

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The Waldorf-Steiner El Til·ler school in Bellaterra, selected for the FAD 2019 Awards of Architecture

Around the Waldorf-Steiner El Til·ler school in Bellaterra there are many celebrations lately. First, it has been one of the 15 selected projects by the FAD 2019 Awards in the category of Architecture, where 200 projects have applied. The FAD Awards are the most recognized architecture ...

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Completed the reform on Química Street in Barcelona

The premises on Química Street that we have renovated for the Barcelona City Council are now bright, welcoming and functional spaces. As we explained in this post when we were awarded the work, one...

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We started the adaptation of the E2O in the Sant Andreu district

We have started the adaptation project for the new E2O Center (School of 2nd Opportunities) in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona, ​​specifically on C/ Capella, 10. The building is a ground floor building and four facades with a singular composition. To begin with, we are disassembling and mo...

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A project in Sant Quirze del Vallés has been started

We have started the construction of a multi-family building of 4 duplex apartments on C/ Pintor Vila Puig, 63 in Sant Quirze. The building consists of ground floor, first floor and under cover. Two duplexes go from ground floor to first and the other two from first to under cover. The parking is on ...

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This is how the Guiera sports facilities look after the reform

Last summer we started working on the reform of the Guiera sports facilities in Cerdanyola del Vallés. A few weeks ago this project led by Sergio Benedit as project manager came to an end and now the facili...

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A spectacular renovated apartment that looks like a new one

We have recently completed a comprehensive reform of an apartment on Travessera de les Corts in Barcelona. This 130 m2 apartment and 86 m2 terrace now has a sustainable and renewable HVAC system (aerotermia for underfloor heating and air conditioning ducts), bioclimatic pergola, acoustic and thermal...

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The Elizalde House, finished

The improvement project with sustainable hiring measures of Casa Elizalde that we presented in August has ended and now this civic center has an attractive and welcoming aspect. As it can be seen in...

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We start the construction of a multi-family building in Terrassa

Last week we started a new project in Terrassa. It is an 11-apartments building located on Bartomeu Amat street developed by Celilo Ibérica. The building will have basement, ground floor, 3 floors and attic and a communal area with swimming pool. The apartments will have 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms a...

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The adaptation project in the Vedruna Barcelona school

We have recently completed an adaptation project for people with disabilities at the Vedruna Barcelona school. It is the third Vedruna school in which we work, after the Vedruna Terrassa and the Read more


This is how the promotion of Rambla Montserrat advances

The residential building on Rambla Montserrat in Cerdanyola that we started in May is progressing at a good pace. Last month we finished the structure, we are currently in the phase of masonry, enclosures and systems and in January the phase of finishes will begin. The four apartments, parking space...

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We have renovated an apartment in Barcelona's Sant Andreu district

In four months we have carried out a comprehensive renovation of a flat on Carrer Navas de Tolosa in Barcelona where we have changed the kitchen, the bathroom, the pavement and the interior and exterior carpentry. The project has counted on the advice of María Egea as interior designer and ha...

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New project of renovation and expansion in Barcelona

Today we have started a renovation and expansion project in a building on Carrer Girona in Barcelona. Currently the building has a store on the ground floor and four floors with an apartment on each. The 413- m2 expansion and consists of building a new floor and extending each of the f...

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The new building at the American School

The students of the American School of Barcelona have inaugurated a new building this school year. They have more than 4000m2 of new construction distributed in 5 heights: the ground floor that houses a sports center, the first and second floors which contain classes, the mezzanine floor and the roo...

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We carry out a new project at Vedruna Vall Terrassa School

A year ago we carried out a reform at the Vedruna Vall Terrassa school and this summer we executed another project; the reform of the access to the "Pati de les Rodes". The new access to the patio has led to an adap...

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The new building of the Waldorf-Steiner El Til·ler school

The Waldorf-Steiner El Til·ler School in Bellaterra has expanded its facilities this September with a new building on C/ Apel·les Mestres, 11. This institution has an interesting management model - it is an educational cooperative managed by teachers and families. In fact, the ...

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We have built a new building for the Vedruna school L'Escorial in Vic

L'Escorial, a Vedruna foundation school in Vic, already has a building for A levels (11th and 12th grades). In the last 6 months we have built a building with 6 classrooms, 3 laboratories and a technology classroom with all the jobs that this entails: earthworks, foundations, m...

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Maheco completes the project of reform on the school La Sínia in Cerdanyola

The school year has begun and, with it, the performances in schools that we have carried out during the summer have ended. One of these works has been at the CEIP La Sínia in Cerdanyola del Vallès, where we had previously worked. On this occasion we have renovated the bathrooms and now...

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The development of Circumval·lació Baixa in Cerdanyola del Vallès moves forward

This summer we have not slowed down and the construction of the 15-unit building on Carrer Circumval·lació Baixa in Cerdanyola del Vallès that we started in April is progressing at a good pace. The structure is already finished and now the work is in the masonry phase. The expec...

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We have been awarded the project to improve the Casa Elizalde in Barcelona

The Casa Elizalde is a building from the end of the 19th century that today houses a civic center on Carrer Valencia in Barcelona and on August we will start a project of improvement with measures of responsible public awarding, focused on three areas: the expansion of the reception in the semi-base...

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We work on the urbanization of Canaletes

We have recently been awarded the Project of conservation and maintenance of the urbanization of the neighbourhood of Canaletes that was tendered by the City Council of Cerdanyola del Vallès. This project consists of changing 2000 m2 of pavement of Avenida Canalates, extending or repairing th...

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We have finished the building on Llàstics Streen in Ciutat Vella

This singular project, due to its location in the Ciutat Vella neighborhood of Barcelona and the curious interior layout, has come to an end. As we explained in this post last year, this building has 5 apartments, tw...

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This is the result of the reform of the Casa Costa in Sant Just Desvern

Six months ago we explained in this post that we had begun the reform of the Casta Costa in Sant Just for the Bristol Training Center. Well, we recently finished this project. It has combined the old style of the ho...

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The Santa Anna Building, finished

A year ago we informed in this post about the Santa Anna building that we were starting to build. Recently we have finished these apartments. The clients had the chance to choose the finishes, resulting in ...

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We have been awarded a public work in Cerdanyola del Vallès

This week Maheco has been awarded the project of repair of defects in the Municipal Sports Park Guiera in Cerdanyola del Vallés. In the tender, Maheco has been the best rated company both economically and technically, with...

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We have finished the reform of an apartment in Barcelona

This antique 120-m2 apartment located on Avenida Principe de Asturias, in the emblematic Gracia neighbourhood of Barcelona, ​​has undergone a comprehensive reform that lasted 4 months and that included changes in systems (electricity, gas, water, heating and air conditioning), masonry, interior ...

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The result of the project in Rambla del Poblenou

We recently completed the rehabilitation and new construction project of the Rambla Poblenou in Barcelona that we presented in this post. We love the aspect of the apartment that has been created in the new attic floo...

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We begin a new development in Cerdanyola

We have recently started the construction of a 15 unit building located next to our office, facing the streets Circumval·lació Baixa, Sant VicenRead more


The apartments on Rambla Montserrat, in renders

Four months ago, we presented in this post the future development on Rambla Montserrat, 31 in Cerdanyola del Vallès. Then we ju...

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A conversion from shop into home

The transformation of shops into homes is an increasingly common practice in large cities such as Barcelona and Madrid, as we read a few weeks ago in this article from El PaRead more


We refurbish the roof of the Can Xarau sports complex in Cerdanyola

We have recently been awarded the project of reform and adaptation of the roof of the Can Xarau sports center in Cerdanyola del Vallés, which is very close to our offices. The project consists of changing the current skyli...

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Maheco will refurbish two premises for the City Council of Barcelona

Today we have been notified that Maheco has been awarded a project of reform of two premises on Carrer Química of the Sants-Montjuic district to be used as space for entities and space for young people. These premises are ...

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We started the rehabilitation of a building in the Poblesec

This week we have started the rehabilitation project of a building on Carrer Poeta Cabanyes in Poblesec in Barcelona. It is an 897m2 building owned by Barcino Property with 8 apartments and 2 commercial premises. The rehabilitation will be comprehensive, of both the fa Read more


Official opening of the Food Bank of Montcada i Reixac

This Saturday morning, we attended the official opening of the Food Bank of Montcada i Reixac that we refurbished throughout the past year. The personalities who attended this event were the mayor of the city, the Bishop of the Di...

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We have finished the urbanization of the American School of Barcelona

The urbanization project we presented in October is over and now the American School of Barcelona is provided with a new green space that contains a park, an amphitheatre and a Football 5 court. In our opinion it lo...

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Making progress in the project of Ciutat Vella

A few months ago we wrote in this article about the beginning of the construction of a multi-family building with 5 apartments and a commercial store on C/ Llàstics...

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Maheco finishes the reform of an apartment owned by FASI in Badalona

In just over 2 months, a record time, we have completed the project of reform of an apartment owned by the FASI Foundation, reported in this article, which is already hosting the beneficiaries of the action of this ent...

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We start the reform of the “Casa Costa” in Sant Just Desvern

The Casa Costa is a beautiful single-family house, built in the English style at the beginning of the year 1,900, which is located on Carrer de La Creu in Sant Just Desvern. It is owned by the City Council of Sant Just Desvern and in the urban planning it is intended to host facil...

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We have finished the houses on Passeig d'Horta in Cerdanyola del Vallès

We close the year with fantastic news: we handed over the houses on Carrer Torrent de les Flors at Passeig d'Horta in Cerdanyola to its owners. It consists of 7 three-floor terraced houses with garage, garden and pool in a residential area of ​​ Read more


We finished the remodelling of a shelter in Barcelona

Last week we finished the remodelling work of the Emergency Night Care Centre (known as CANE) on Passatge Dos de Maig, 17-25, in the Sant Martí district of Barcelona. The project began in Read more


Soon we will start the commercialization of a building in Cerdanyola

Within some weeks we will start the commercialization and construction of a building of 4 apartments, parking spaces and storage rooms on Rambla Montserrat, 31 in Cerdanyola del Vallès. They are all 3-bedroom and 2-bathroo...

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We finish the integral reform of a house in Cerdanyola

We have recently completed the project of integral reform of a 180m2 detached house on C / Industria in Cerdanyola del Vallès. The reform has included demolitions, construction, flooring, tiling, plastering, installations, aluminum...

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We finish the Food Bank project in Montcada

Last week we completed the project of adaptation of the new Food Bank headquarters in Montcada. As we explained in this post, the premises are located on Pla Read more


Maheco refurbishes an apartment for the FASI Foundation

Since October 23rd we are working on the comprehensive reform of a 187m2 apartment on C / Alcalde Móstoles in Badalona to adapt it to the needs of FASI, ...

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Maheco appears on the magazine On Diseño

On the past issue 369 of the architecture magazine On DiseñRead more


We start a new project at the American School of Barcelona

While the expansion project at the American School that we started in July continue to progress as this video shows, this week we started an urbanization project in the same school that is expected to last 3 months and a ...

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We are working on a project in the Poblenou of Barcelona

This is a special project, with different actions both of rehabilitation and new construction in a building located on Rambla del Poblenou in Barcelona. On the one hand, we refurbish the main, rear and lateral facade. On the other, we build a new floor and we create a 106.83m2 apa...

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We began the construction of the El Til·ler school in Bellaterra

This week we have signed the contract for the execution of the new facilities of the Waldorf-Steiner El Til·ler School at C/ Apel·les Mestres, 11 in Bellaterra. Th...

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We have completed the reform of the offices of the Institute of Social Services in Barcelona

A few weeks ago, we wrote in this article about a project of refurbishment for the City Council of Barcelona which consisted of adapting the premises ...

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Introducing our new showroom

We usually write about the projects we do for our clients, but today we want to present an internal project: the showroom we created in our office on C/ Santa Anna, 44 in Cerdanyola. In this space our interior designer Maria Egea advises our clients on the materials and finishes of their future home...

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The result of the change of use on Via Laietana in Barcelona

A few months ago, last January, we informed in this article of a project of change of use in a building of Via Laietana in Barcelona, ​​which ...

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We finish a reform designed by our interior designer

Last week we finished the reform of a 68m2 apartment in Terrassa. We have performed a comprehensive reform in which there has been a change of distribution. The apartment used to have two bedrooms and now it has just one and it had a closed kitchen that has become open. The bathroom has been renovat...

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We are renovating the Vedruna Vall School in Terrassa

The Vedruna Private Educational Foundation of Barcelona has assigned us to renovate the Vedruna Vall Terrassa school, located on Carrer del Vall, 21 in Terrassa. The project began on June 27th and will end on September 4, and is led by Alberto Camenforte as su...

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We started the reform of the office of the Institute of Social Services of the City Council of Barcelona

On July 17th we started the interior reform of the Institute of Social Services (IMSS) office in Barcelona located on Carrer Aragó, 344. The office has an area of ​​6...

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The final result of a renovation in the Eixample of Barcelona

A few weeks ago we finished the comprehensive reform of an apartment on C/ Provença, in the Eixample of Barcelona. It is a 60-m2, 2-bedrooms apartment, in which we have done tasks on facilities, flooring, tiling, alum...

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We begin the project of expansion of the American School of Barcelona

This week we have started the construction of the new building at The American School of Barcelona. This building will have 3 floors - the ground floor will contain a sports court and the first and second floors will be formed by classrooms. In addition, on the rooftop there will be another sports c...

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BIMSA awards Maheco the remodeling of a CANE in Barcelona

On July 6th, Maheco and BIMSA, the public infrastructure company of Barcelona, ​​signed the contract for the project of refurbishment of the CANE (Emergency Night Acceptance Center) in the Passatge Dos de Maig, 17-...

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We finished the refurbishment of a small apartment in El Poble Sec of Barcelona

We present the outcome of an integral rehabilitation of a 37-m2 apartment located on C/ Olivera, 45 if Barcelona, ​​in which we have changed the installations, pavements, tiling, aluminium carpentry, wooden carpentry, furnitu...

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We finish the rehabilitation of the lobby and the staircase of a building in Barcelona

We have recently completed the project of comprehensive reform of the lobby and staircase of a building located on Carrer Entença in Barcelona. Jordi Llobet has been the architect in charge of designing the project, which ...

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Maheco finishes the construction of a public parking in Sant Feliu de Codines

Over this month of May, we have completed the first phase of the project "Building for parking spaces and urbanization of the Park of the Escletxa" in the Avenue of the Generalitat of Sant Feliu de Codines. This first phase consisted of the construction of a three-floor building for the parking of 1...

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We started the construction of a building of 10 homes in Cerdanyola

We recently started building a building in C. Santa Anna, 43, right in front of our offices, which will house 10 homes, a commercial space, parking spaces and storage rooms. Out of these 10 homes, one is a semi-detached house and the others are 2 apartments of 2 bedrooms, 4 apartm...

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Maheco finishes the reform of an office in Sitges

This week we have completed a comprehensive renovation of commercial premises to host the offices of Sitges Group Apartments, a company dedicated to rent holiday apartments on the seafront and in the historic center of Sitges. The office is located on C. JesRead more


Maheco has been awarded a public work in Montcada i Reixac

This week we signed with the Townhall of Montcada i Reixac the contract of execution for the adaptation of the premises that will be the new headquarters of the Food Bank of the city. It is located on plaça Joan Fuster, at...

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We finish the reform of an apartment in Cerdanyola

This week we have completed the renovation of an apartment on Santa Anna street in Cerdanyola, very close to our office. It has been a comprehensive reform of housing without modification of partition, complete reform of bathroom and kitchen, replacement of exterior carpentry with motorized blinds, ...

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We started the construction of a building in Ciutat Vella

We have just started the project of building a multi-family building of 5 apartments and a commercial space in C / Llàstics, in the middle of Ciutat Vella of Barcelona. Two of these apartments are going to have 1 bedroom a...

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An Intimissimi store renovated by Maheco wins the Rosa de Plata award for the best rehabilitation of 2016

Yesterday, March 20, 2017, the award Rosa de Plata was granted by the Barna Center. In this contest, the Intimissimi store of Portal del Á Read more


We are building a beautiful house in Ripollet

It just takes a quick look at the renders to get an idea of ​​how impressive this house we are building in Ripollet will look like. We are talking about a three-floor detached house of a total area of ​​280 m2, including porches and swimming pool. We started working on this project last Octo...

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A partial reform on Passeig de Gracia

We present the final result of the partial renovation in an apartment on Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, ​​of which we already inform in this article. In this project we have carried out works o...

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We finished an urbanization project in Cerdanyola

The project has consisted of the reform of the perimeter wall in the community area of ​​a community of residents on Carrer Ginesta in Cerdanyola del Vallès. An existing simple twist perimeter fence that was overpowered by the weight of the vegetation has been felled. A foundation has bee...

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Today we started a project for the Public Administration in Sant Feliu de Llobregat

This is the reform of the room of the plenary sessions in the Town Hall of Sant Feliu de Llobregat, a space of 97m2 in which various actions will be carried out: demolition of the existing, pladur works, coatings, installation of electrical systems, air conditioning, voice, data, ICT equipment, comm...

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We are working on a project on Via Laietana in Barcelona

It is a change of use of a building of five floors and of 1200m2 of approximate surface on the number 45 of Via Laietana. This building used to contain 10 offices which are becoming 15 apartments maintaining the structure and the facade but changing all the interior distribution. The project started...

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The construction of a house in Caldes de Montbui has been finished

It is spacious and it has an elegant and modern design as well as details that make it special as a fireplace or a mosaic on the floor of the hall. It is a 320m2 house with three floors and 4 bedrooms in Caldes de Montbuí that we already presented last July in Read more


We completed the third and final phase of the project on Carrer Escorial in Barcelona

At the beginning of December we completed an urbanization project in a community of neighbors on Carrer Escorial in Barcelona. This project was divided into 3 phases. The first phase was carried out in 2012 and was performed especially in the square located above the parking lot. The actions carried...

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A unique refurbishment in the center of Barcelona

The time has come to show the final result of the refurbishment that we presented last March 31st. The renders already looked promising, but reality has surpassed fiction. This apartment is stunning, wit...

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Spectacular apartments in Barcelona

A few months ago we presented in this article a project of change of use and reform of 4 apartments on Carrer Vilana in Barcelona. We are delighted with the result because the spaces are roomy, the ...

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This is the result of the reform in the buildings of the City Council of Castellar del Vallès

A few months ago we presented in this article the project of reform of the buildings Cal Botafoc, Mirador and Espai Tolrà, owned by the City of Castellar. Today, being the project finished and thes...

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We have finished the construction of a beautiful house in Valldoreix

This house already promised when we saw it on renders in this article but now we are glad to see that the final result exceeds the expectations. We leave you with images, that speak louder than words.

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We have completed a project at the Fontetes Market in Cerdanyola del Vallès

A few weeks ago we finished a project of conservation and maintenance of the roof at the Fontetes Market in Cerdanyola del Vallès. The project was divided into two phases: dismantling the roof of cement and formation of a new roof with metal sheets. In the first phase a specialized company wa...

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We are building a public parking and a park in Sant Feliu de Codines

Today we would like to present another public work in which we have been working since July 25th. The project is called "Building intended to host parking space for vehicles and urbanization of the Park Escletxa", it is located on Avenida de la Generalitat in Sant Feliu de Codines and has a bu...

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We are refurbishing the CC Convent de Sant Agustí in Barcelona

Yesterday we signed with BIMSA, the municipal infrastructure company of the city of Barcelona, ​​the contract for the rehabilitation of the roof of the building next to the Civic Center Convent de Sant Agusti on Carrer Comerç 36, in the district of Ciutat Vella of Barcelona. This pr...

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This is how spectacular Penguins Swimming Academy looks like

As we introduced in this post in March, we have been working in a very special project: a swimming academy for babies, children up to 6 years old and expectant mothers. Now it’s time to share the final result, ...

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The refurbishment of the Intimissimi Store in Rambla Catalunya is finished

This Intimissimi store, located on Rambla Catalunya 18, at Gran Via, is the second most important store of the brand in Barcelona. Within 1 month we have performed an integral refurbishment of this 89m2 space, which has included demolition, execution of composite slab, tasks with plasterboard,...

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We finish the refurbishment of the EAIA Sant Andreu offices

The purpose of this project was to define the new distribution of the EAIA (Child and Adolescent Services) Sant Andreu offices, in an open space on the ground floor, located in building of apartments. It is a place of 167.87 m2, previously unused, which has direct access from Passeig Torras i Bages ...

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We appear in the Interiores magazine!

We love to be able to explain that the reform of the apartment on Roger de Llúria Street in Barcelona which was designed by Albert Gasol and Jordi Mestrich from the studio Espairoux and performed by Maheco appears in the July 2016 Interiores magazine. We show images published in the magazine ...

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We finish an integral refurbishment project in Barcelona

Last February we explained in this post that we had begun an integral refurbishment of an apartment on C/Escoles Pies in Barcelona. Some weeks ago we finished this project and it looks this well. Read more


Building a house in Caldes de Montbui

We are building an attached house on Sant Sebastia Street in Caldes de Montbui (Vallès Oriental). It has three floors (ground floor plus two), an area of ​​320m2, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 toilet, dining-living room, kitchen, games room and parking. This project began on February 1s...

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The construction of two commercial premises in Ripollet has been completed

On January 22nd we explained in this article that we had begun a project of demolition and construction of two commercial premises on C/Padró, 53-55 in Ripollet. This project ended on May 31s...

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Intimissimi store on Portal de l'Àngel in Barcelona reopens renovated

After a few weeks of intense work, on Friday June 3rd the Intimissimi store on Portal de l'Àngel in Barcelona reopened and became the flagship store of the brand in Spain. This store measures 169m2 spread over two floors and has an elevator so that customers with...

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The amazing result of a reform

Our work does not completely shine until the home or shop to reform has been dressed with furniture and clothing. Today we present one of those cases in which a home shines a lot. This is a very spacious apartment (355m2) on the street Pau Casals in Barcelona, ​​which has undergone an inte...

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We are making a change of use of an edifice and building on it 4 apartments

The building is located on the street Vilana in Barcelona and used to be a bank. First we tore down the partitions and false ceilings and from March 11th we are building 4 apartments on the first and second floor of this building. These apartments measure between 71m2 and 125m2 and have 2...

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We are building a terrace with a swimming pool in an attic in Barcelona

Summer is approaching and it is time to fine-tune our terrace to enjoy it during the good weather. Our customers have taken this maxim to another level: we have been asked to build a swimming pool and a food truck, in addition to landscape this terrace on C/Muntaner in Barcelona. It is a great way t...

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We conclude the construction of a beautiful house in Cerdanyola del Valles

Last June we informed in this article that we had started the construction of an attached house on Rambla Montserrat in Cerdanyola del Valles. Today we would like to show the final result of this project. We leave...

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We are refurbishing a working space for artists in Granollers

The Town Hall of Granollers awarded Maheco the refurbishment of the shed G3 of the industrial enclosure Roca Umbert, which will be used as working space for artists. The tasks that are being done are the refurbishment of the interior of the 155m2-shed, making a structural reinforcement, and the crea...

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We finish the refurbishment of the Tezenis store in the city center of Terrassa

This one is the fourth store of the brand Tezenis refurbished by Maheco and there are seven other stores where maintenance work has been carried out by us. In this case of Terrassa, the store is located in Portal de Sant Roc, 48 and measures 145,66m2 (plus 59,85m2 of warehouse). The tasks performed ...

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Maheco and AiD Palmes launch a project of construction of 8 attached houses in Cerdanyola del Vallès

It has been a long time since we last started any development of our own and this why we are so excited to present this project, which is also in our city, Cerdanyola del Vallès. In association with AiD Palmes, we are going to build 8 attached houses with c...

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Participation of Maheco in the Duathlon of Cerdanyola

Last weekend, April 2nd and 3rd 2016, the Spanish Duathlon Championship was held in Cerdanyola del Valles involving 1377 athletes. Our city attracted participants, family members, volunteers and media. It was the 5th edition of the road duathlon in Cerdanyola del Valles. Maheco...

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We are reforming a spectacular apartment on Carrer Balmes in Barcelona

In the project that we present today, images speak for themselves: a unique rustic home with finishes from the XIX century and comfort of the XXI century. In this 224m2 apartment we are performing a comprehensive reform since last February 22nd that will last 6 months and that was designed by Ferran...

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We are refurbishing a block of flats in Cerdanyola del Valles

Today we introduce a project that is different to those we usually do: the rehabilitation of a block of flats contracted by the homeowners. This project has two distinct parts: on the one hand, the rehabilitation of the 850m2 facade, and on the other, the waterproofing of the parking wall (250m2). T...

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We are building a swimming school for babies in Barcelona

Today we would like to introduce a very special project: a new swimming school for babies, children up to 6 years and expectant mothers called "Penguins Swimming Academy" which will open its doors next July and is located on Carrer Horaci, 7 in Barcelona. It will have a swimming pool, a psychomotor ...

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We are reforming three buildings for the City of Castellar del Valles

The City of Castellar de Valles has awarded us the renovation of three municipal buildings. The first is Cal Botafoc, whose use will change from being an administrative space to be the new municipal police station. The second is the Mirador, for administrative purposes, in which an office will be en...

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We ended the first B-Kover store in Sant Cugat del Vallès

This week Maheco completed the reform of some commercial premises in Sant Cugat for B-Kover, a brand of accessories for smartphones, which will open the first store in this city, on Carrer Santa Maria, 30. The store measures 38m2 and the warehouse, 7m2. The works that have been made include demoliti...

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We have been awarded a public project in the district of Sant Andreu in Barcelona

We usually publish news about works in private homes, but Maheco not only works for individuals but also for the government. Yesterday, 23.02.2016, we signed a contract for the project "Interior construction of the premises in ground floor for EAIA (Equips d'Atenció a la Infància i...

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We are refurbishing an apartment in the iconic Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona

We are referring to an ideally located 300m2 apartment, with the charm of the ancient architecture of Barcelona and a special distribution. It is separated into two areas: the day area and the night area. The day area has a large kitchen, a toilet, a dining room with balcony and a huge living room. ...

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We just finished building a beautiful house in Barberà del Valles

Last summer we explained in this post that on June 15th we started the construction of a detached house with 2 floors and 140m2 in Barberá del Vallés which would be finished in 8 months. Well, ...

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We are working on an integral refurbishment of an apartment in Barcelona

The project of reform of this spacious 130m2 apartment, with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms located in C/ Escoles Pies in Barcelona, began last December and is expected to conclude in five months. This project involves demolition work, masonry, help to suppliers, plaster, interior woodwork (doors, cabin...

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The refurbishment of a cozy house in El Masnou has been completed

A few weeks ago we finished a comprehensive reform of a special house in the center of El Masnou, consisting of 176m2 on 3 floors. We love how it looks. It has a mix of traditional (rustic flooring, exposed beams...) and modern (straight lines in the kitchen and bathrooms with white furniture, some ...

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We start demolition and construction of new premises in Ripollet

Last January 19th we started a new project in the center of Ripollet, on C/Padró, 53-55. It consists of the demolition of existing premises and the construction of new premises for commercial use. They will measure 250m2. It is expected that the works will last 5 months. The project is led by...

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We are building an amazing house in Valldoreix

Maheco is in the process of building a magnificent detached house in Valldoreix. It is a 330m2 property, with swimming pool, two floors and four bedrooms. The project began last November with the demolition of the original building. Now we are working on the foundation and the project is expected to...

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The refurbishment at Hopital Sant Pau in Barcelona has been completed

Last December the project for the transfer of psychiatric services for addictive behaviors on the second floor of the pavilion Sant Antoni in Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona was completed. The project lasted six months and consisted of the refurbishment of the pavilion Sant Antoni and the urbanizatio...

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Alejandro Arevalo, warehouse clerk of Maheco, appears on Ara newspaper as a testimony of Programa Incorpora of La Caixa

Alejandro Arevalo, 32, from Sant Cugat, diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, joined Maheco as a warehouse clerk 7 month ago. His candidacy came to us through the Municipal Employment Service of Sant Cugat and was promoted by Grup Catalònia, which works for the normalization of life and labo...

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We have completed the renovation of a spectacular apartment in Barcelona

It is an apartment with high quality finishes, 66m2, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, very well spent, with a large balcony with incredible views over the city of Barcelona. It is located in El Guinardó, on C/ Francesc Alegre. It was a comprehensive reform that included demolition, partition plast...

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The reform of the Medical Centre Asepeyo in Cerdanyola has been finished

The Medical Center Asepeyo in Cerdanyola (Avenida Catalunya , 49) reopens with new spaces! New medical offices, entrances, bathrooms and physiotherapy area have been created. And Maheco has carried out this comprehensive reform, which included demolition work, new divisions, ceramic and vinyl floori...

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Maheco refurbishes two stores in Vilanova i la Geltrú for Calzedonia group

One of them is Intimissimi and the other one is Calzedonia. These are the 17th and 18th stores that Maheco has refurbished for this group. The new Intimissimi store is located on Rambla Principal, 55, in Vilanova i la Geltrú. The commercial area, which includes a 88m2 st...

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A detached house in Premià de Dalt is being built

Maheco is in the midst of the construction of a 383m2 detached house in Premià de Dalt, in the region of El Maresme. This house will have 3 floors, a garden, a pool, a terrace, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a garage. It has a modern design, open spaces and lots of light. The blueprints shown gi...

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The reopening of the restaurant Los Abetos is coming up

For many of those who are from Cerdanyola (Barcelona, Spain), Los Abetos is a symbol of family reunions, fine food and friendly service in a cozy and afforable place, and may have realized that this restaurant is temporarily closed for renovation. Well, in Maheco we are the responsible of the demoli...

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Grand opening of the dance school Distrito Dance

Distrito Dance (, a dance school in Sabadell (Ronda Ponent, 24), was opened last September 14th. Maheco delivered an ambitious project in just two months and a half: 5 commercial premises were united to create a large school. The proje...

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A new project of a beautiful detached house in Cerdanyola del Vallès just started

Bright, with a modern and functional design and surrounded by garden. These are the basic features of the new house that we just started to build on C/ Pizarro in Cerdanyola. It will measure 207m2 and will have 3 floors, 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The project covers all the stages o...

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The restaurant La Antorcha in Terrassa reopens renovated and modernized

At Maheco we were busy last month with the refurbishment of the restaurant La Antorcha, which reopened on September 1st with changes on flooring, ceiling, lighting, marble and furniture.

The project was designed by our regular collaborators of Mäi...

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Impressive apartment to be refurbished in Avenida Pau Casals in Barcelona

On July 27 Maheco began the interior refurbishment of an apartment located in Avenida Pau Casals in Barcelona. This is the internal reform of a 355-m2 apartment. The tasks to be performed are: demolitions, internal redeployment, suspended ceilings, lining of walls, replacement of pavement, new inter...

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Works at Parc del Gran Sol in Badalona are over

On June 18th we wrote a post on the project of improvement of the urbanization of Parc del Gran Sol in Badalona. This project was finished some days ago and we are proud of the result, so we decided to share some pictures.


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Maheco finishes the construction of the Hotel BestPrice Gaudí

Hotel BestPrice Gaudí is the second hotel opened by this chain of hotels with premium services at low cost in Barcelona. It has 24 rooms and is inspired in the architecture of Gaudí. It is located in the Gracia district, on C/Martí, 122. More information on this new Hotel BestPr...

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Construction of a detached house in Barberà del Vallès

Maheco began the construction of a detached house in Barberà del Vallès on June 15th. It is going to be a house made ​​of bricks with an internal surface of ​​140m2, distributed over 2 floors, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a garage.


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This summer we return to the American School of Barcelona!

And we do not return to study English, even though we should, but for an interior reform. We already worked at the American School last summer, and now, given that students are on vacation, we returned to work on a change of pavement, the air conditioning of floors P0-P2 and the installation o...

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The archaeological site of Can Rodon de l'Hort in Cabrera de Mar

In Cabrera de Mar there is an archaeological area known as Can Rodon de l'Hort, dating from the third century BC. It is an Iberian necropolis and a later Roman site, which includes a large domus, warehouses, workshops dedicated to the metallurgy of iron and lead and craft workshops. This archaeologi...

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Grand opening at the offices refurbished by Maheco on Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona

On June 25 the grand opening of the offices refurbished by Maheco on Rambla Catalunya in Barcelona was held. This project involved the internal reform of the premises with replacement of existing partitions and demolishment of plasterboard wall for new distribution, lining with mineral fiber p...

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Maheco begins the renovation of a house in El Masnou

On June 8th 2015 we began the renovation of a 195m2 attached house on C/ Sant Domènec in El Masnou. This project includes the redistribution and refurbishment of the house. The projected tasks are: demolition, reinforcement of beams on the top floor and new forge...

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Maheco finished the interior demolition of an apartment on Balmes Street in Barcelona

On June 10th the interior demolition of an apartment was completed on C/ Balmes, 84 in Barcelona. The work consisted of the interior demolition of an apartment located on the main floor of the building and the removal of existing ceilings and wooden floor.


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The makeover of Parc del Gran Sol in Badalona

Last June 8th Maheco began a project of improvement of the urbanization of Parc del Gran Sol in the neighborhood Sant Joan de Llefià in Badalona. The works to be done include new pavement, a playground area and an area with an open-air gym.

This project will last 6 week...

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Maheco begins construction of an attached house in Cerdanyola

On Monday June 1st we started the construction of a new attached house on Rambla Montserrat in Cerdanyola. It is a 2-storey, 219 m2 house with high quality finishes and a modern and functional design.

The works will last eight months and are led by Gemma Tan...

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Maheco is carrying out the expansion of Hotel Galena in Begur (Costa Brava)

Last February we began the expansion of the Hotel Galena Mas Comangau ( in Begur on the Costa Brava. This hotel is located in a unique place - we highly recommend it for your next holidays.

The expansion consis...

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Works at Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona have been started

On May 20 we started the refurbishment for the transfer of the service of addictive behaviors to the second floor of the pavilion Sant Antoni at Hospital de Sant Pau in Barcelona (, which is expected to be finished by November 20, 2015.


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Cozy Wooden Bathroom Designs That You Would Love To Have In Your House

Hey there ladies and gentlemen! In this post you are going to have the chance to take a look at some Cozy Wooden Bathroom Designs That You Would Love To Have In Your House. Wood is considered to be a traditional material but nowadays designers have come up with elegant...

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A Chinese construction company lifts a 57-floor skyscraper in 19 days

The building accommodates 800 apartments and office space for 4,000 people

Broad Sustainable Building beats its previous record: a hotel with 30 floors in 15 days

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